University of Saskatchewan

Computer Security Research Lab

July, 2020

Dr. Stakhanova was named among the top 20 women in Canadian cybersecurity

June, 2020

Our paper "De-anonymizing Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contracts through Code Attribution" is accepted to IJNM.

Congratulations Shlomi!

May, 2020

Norah Ridley is joining the lab as a summer NSERC USRA student. Welcome Norah!

April, 2020

Ghazale Amel Zendehdel has sucessfully defended her MS thesis on security assessment of wearable health monitoring devices.

Congratulations Ghazale! We wish you luck!

March, 2020

Dr. Farzaneh Abazari has joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow.

Welcome Farzaneh!

February, 2020

Shlomi's paper on "Towards Eidetic Blockchain Systems with Enhanced Provenance" is accepted to BlockDM 2020!

August, 2019

Junaid's and Ratinder's work on Detection and Prevention of Unauthorized DOM Tampering was accepted to ARES'19