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PhD and Master Students

We are always looking for excellent MS and Ph.D. students. The number of open positions fluctuates depending on the year. The Cyber Lab offers an exciting, hands-on, and advanced research environment. Typically our students are involved in R&D research with our industry partners. Please check our project pages to find out about some of the diverse areas we are doing research in. If you are interested in joining the Lab please send Dr. Stakhanova a letter indicating the following:

  • why you want to work in The CyberLab
  • what research area and/or project area you’d like to do your research in
  • whether you need funding or not
  • your C.V.
  • a copy of your transcript

Please refer to the UofS (http://www.cs.usask.ca) web site for department eligibility requirements and application procedures. Please keep in mind, that it is not possible for us to reply to all interested candidates.

Postdocs and Research Associates

The Cyber Lab has many projects that welcome the opportunity to work with Postdoctoral fellows. If you are interested in joining the lab, then please contact Natalia Stakhanova, natalia (at) cs.usask.ca.

Visiting Researchers

The Cyber Lab is always looking to partner and collaborate with fellow researchers. If you would like to be an associated member of the laboratory or be a visiting researcher, please contact Natalia Stakhanova, natalia (at) cs.usask.ca.